Once again, the Darwin Festival is presenting a night of Aussie Shorts from the St Kilda Film Festival. See below for more information on each event.


Program One

2005, Drama, Director: Brendan Cowell
Denise goes backpacking in Europe for 6 months, leaving her sweetheart Craig at home alone where his imagination takes him on a wild and dangerous ride.

The Builders
2005, Animation, Director: Brad Betts
Strange creatures attempt to find meaning in a barren world, with unexpected results.

A Message From Fallujah
2005, Drama, Director: Richard Gibson
Daniel Crane, a civil engineer helping to rebuild war torn Iraq, is kidnapped on his last day in Fallujah. His one last wish, to tell his wife he loves her. Winner “Best of Fest”award at the L. A. International Short Film Festival.

Green Bush
2005, Drama, Director: Warwick Thornton
Over one heartbreaking but empowering night, DJ Kenny realises that his job at an Aboriginal community radio station is about more than just playing music. Won Best Short Film at Panorama Berlin Film Festival 2005

The Mechanicals
2005, Drama, Director: Leon Ford
Ever felt there’s more going on than you can see? Ever wondered why your walls are thicker than they have to be? In the unseen spaces live... The Mechanicals.

The Last Chip
2005, Drama, Director: Heng Tang
Madam Fang, Mrs. Nguyen and Sister Ah Lan are three old friends who have little in common apart from unfulfilled dreams. A night out at the local casino, deals them an unexpected hand.


2005,Comedy,Director:Katie Hides -Winner Film Victoria Craft Award Digital Pictures Awardfor best achievement in editing St Kilda Film Festival:
A Kitchen sink drama crossed with a Jackie Chan flick! Love is a battlefield. It's crouching lover, hidden agenda when a couple puts their relationship, and martial-arts skills, to the test in this short about fidelity, forgiveness, and how to turn domestic objects into menacing weapons.

Carnivore Reflux
2006, Animation, Director: Eddie White, James Calvert
In their lifetime the average meat-eating human will consume: 10 cows, 1/2 ton of fish, 760 chickens, 37 sheep, 42 pigs and 1 1/2 tonnes of miscellaneous meats.

Its Time
2006, Comedy, Director: Josh Martin, Adam Grossetti
A dying man breathes his last words on talkback radio.

Plains Empty
2005, Drama, Director: Beck Cole
Sam has recently moved to an isolated mining camp with her man. She is forced to spend more time alone while the history of the shack she calls home begins to come alive.

Every Day
2005, Drama, Director: Norman Neeson
Miranda’s mornings are held together with post-it notes and the relentless companion of breakfast radio.

2005, Drama, Director: Anthony Maras
Amir and his young son Mansur flee the violent streets of Kabul, Afghanistan - only to encounter another type of persecution upon arrival in Australia.

The Saviour
2005, Drama, Director: Peter Templeman
Malcolm is a gentle, effective door-to-door evangelist who’s in love with a married woman. With pressure mounting to convert her, Maclolm decides his bible is the very weapon he needs to destroy the marriage that’s keeping him from his true love.

Date: 17 Aug
Time: Program 1 - 7.30pm
Program 2 - 9.30pm
Book: Tickets at door
Venue: Deckchair Cinema
Price: $13/$10conc/$8senior/$6child
Flexipass for all films $20/$15conc/$12senior/$9child




In 1981, the remarkable television series WOMEN OF THE SUN, screened on Australian television. It had a tremendous impact, bringing the Aboriginal story through the eyes of Aboriginal women – in their own language - to a national audience for the first time.

It challenged conventional notions of Australian history. Never before had Australian audiences been given such insight into the lives of Aborginal people and the impact of European settlement.

Twenty-five years later, Bob Weis, one of the producers of WOMEN OF THE SUN sets out to find out the impact of the film on five of the women who played the major roles. His journey – from Arnhem Land to the southern states - reveals a profound and moving tale of discovery, for himself and those with whom he meets.

Prominent in the film are renowned actor Justine Saunders, actor/playwright/artist Eva Johnson, academic Marcia Langton and co-writer of the original series Sonia Borg. Remarkable footage includes Bob Weis’ return to Yirrkala where he was initiated 25 years ago.

There will be a special screening of Bob Weis’ new documentary WOMEN OF THE SUN – 25 YEARS LATER at the Deckchair Cinema on August 15. Bob Weis and Eva Johnston will introduce the film and answer questions from the audience at the end of the film.

Date: 15 Aug
Time: 7.30pm
Book: Tickets at door
Venue: Deckchair Cinema
Price: $13/$10conc/$8senior/$6child
Flexipass for all films $20/$15conc/$12senior/$9child